Friday, November 02, 2012 For News

Hey amigos consider this me grabbing all of you by the lapels and shaking you good to get your attention. I continue to hear most of you parroting network news nonsense. All network news is meant to distract and deflect your attention away from what is really important.

Look at it this way. You only have but 24 hours per day. The manipulators know this and churn out video crap twice as fast as we can take it all in. Therefore most waste the one resource that none of us can get more of - time.  We're fast running out of time but we have all the wild cards which does worry the globalist controllers so. From here forward that wildcard is they can no longer be sure every compartmentalized dupe they wish to deploy will complete their part of the mission.  The globalists can't be certain about who is getting pertinent news that blows the cover on the globalist take over of America. and are the two main websites where I get my news. Alex Jones may sound a bit crazy at first. The reason is what he is warning about is too crazy to believe for normal people free of the inbred DNA that plagues the globalist scum at the top. I'm talking about a small gang of John Wayne Gacy's and Ted Bundy's who really get off manipulating us, abusing us and murdering us. The have all the money in the world which is the key to the people understanding the membership of this gang.

The gang is funded via their fiat currency operations worldwide. Using these enormous profits reaped through constant devaluation of these fiat currencies, the inbred filth fund their other commercial operations like drugs and the prison labor industry, child welfare bureaucracies and their pedophile trafficking rings a.k.a. Sandusky, humanitarian relief organization news propaganda and the global television networks that provide cover for their arms trafficking, etc.

To sum everything up we are under attack and more of us each day are having our lives destroyed by these beasts. Join me prosecuting this gang that funds itself through fiat money. It is the officials of the central bank that must be criminally prosecuted first. The reason is people like Ben Bernanke will sing like canaries rather than go down. That is when we'll get the names of ALL the big players and their traitors.

In the meantime as I predicted, if Sandy was HAARP generated then we would expect an Act II. Well I just heard it on the weather channel. We may have another nor'easter on the way for next week.


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