Saturday, November 03, 2012

Strategic Voting

Most Americans are vote stupid about the Electoral College System. Americans vote as if all the votes are tallied with the candidate receiving the most votes winning the election. But that is flat earth voting.

What am I talking about? Well take Maryland for example. Does anyone seriously believe Obama won't win the popular vote in Maryland? Of course he will and there is no argument about that. Once Obama is certified to have won the most votes in Maryland he gets all of Maryland's electoral votes, period. All other votes are then ignored.

So in Maryland if you really like what Romney stands for then by all means cast your vote for Mitt even though it will be wasted as far as electing Romney to the White House. However, if you really preferred Ron Paul before Republican party hacks using shenanigans stole it away from the good doctor you could vote for Gary Johnson the Libertarian pick. Johnson votes won't win the election but not that many will aid this party greatly in future elections by eliminating ballot restrictions on their candidates placed their by unamerican Democrats and Republicans. Voting for Gary Johnson in Maryland will also fire a shot over the Republican party leadership's bow to let them know cheating will not be tolerated. Plus voters can send this message but have no bearing on the actual outcome of the election nationally.

To sum up, stop voting like damn fools who thinks the winner of the presidential race is always the choice with the most votes. What do you think we are a bloody democracy? If it's a democracy you're looking for then go the hell to Europe and vote. We're an American Constitutional Republic. We have individual rights whether or not the unamerican filth stealing the elections with voting machines or stupid voters fail to acknowledge it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you like Ron Paul you should write in Ron Paul. It will be counted in a number of states to his name, and where it isn't counted to his name it will be part of the counted 'other' - the 'none of the above' vote.

And if you support Ron Paul that is likely your second closest conclusion.

1:49 PM  

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