Friday, November 16, 2012

Paper Clipped

Too many of you have been duped! Far too many remain duped. Hitler and his Nazis used this very same plan to take over Germany.

First Hitler attack Germany as with Reichstag fire which he blamed on communists but employed to eliminate his opponents. We had the 9/11 attack perpetrated by the neocon shadow government but blamed on Muslim radicals. These days you get swat teamed for filming on a public street corner in America.

In both cases new police agencies were created and given total power to behave in any manner imaginable. Rape, torture and murder are considered legitimate if done for national security. That the two cases of Nazi Germany and modern America are so similar is not a coincidence. After Germany's defeat the CIA imported the top most ruthless Nazis into America to school them in conducting evil on the American population.

On the one end we have the poor Americans who get the cheese and welfare checks and at the other those who take the thirty pieces of silver operating in the police state or the defense industry as top dollar welfare queens. Both of these groups are giving the rest of us the bum's rush into tyranny just like in Nazi Germany. That one didn't work out too well for the German people if you'll recall. This will not turn out well for Americans either.

The only hope is if these bought and sold out Americans wise up. We all can lead a better life if we give the modern Nazis the heave ho. We can start by eliminating the Federal Reserve Board instantly wiping out all debt formerly owed to this crooked bank. Next we can arrest and prosecute the filthy traitors to our republic that dared attack their own countrymen and who still do so in a number of ways. For example using HAARP their weather weapon to manipulate the weather as with hurricane Sandy. Finally Americans must stop being compliant slaves milked of their labor like cows on a bad farm and start behaving like responsible adult free individuals who own their own time, body and productive labor output. When this right of ownership of one's labor is restored then an explosion of high paying jobs will be the result.

Currently we have no jobs very much because the modern Nazis have their hands out waiting for their cut of our labor and productive endeavors that are not going to happen under this Nazi bread and circus regime.


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