Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Establishment Candidates Aren't Earnest

What is the biggest threat to America today? That is the question amigos. It is not Iranians, terrorism or climate change. Be sensible. Our government is criminal. I'm not saying that Joe down to the Post Office is rotten or other bureaucrats just doing their jobs. I talking about the leadership in every high office and department especially in the federal government. It's why no one has been prosecuted for financial shenanigans even MF Global's outright theft of over a billion bucks. The feds have been caught outright running drugs and guns once again. Hundreds have been murdered with these guns including American law enforcement personnel. No heads have rolled. I could go but there are so many examples that I would be here for months documenting the litany of crimes committed by the scoundrels. What is the answer to this grave threat to the republic.

The answer is Ron Earnest Paul. Agree or disagree with Dr. Paul's policy of non military intervention, free trade, federal drug legalization, etc. All of these issues will take a back seat once President Paul is sworn into office if God willing the traitors don't murder him first. Having an honest man at the top position is the only way to drain the swamp here in DC. As things stand now nobody can prosecute anybody because everybody is crooked and has the goods on everybody else. That's why Holder can get away with running guns to the drug gangs and not yet face prosecution. Holder would spill his guts about 9/11, Oklahoma and God knows what else.

So forget about all this talk about Iran, terrorism, the economy or other boogie men meant to distract us. The number one threat to the republic it corruption. There is only one Republican running who is earnest and who will do the right thing letting the chips fall where they may. Ron Earnest Paul. The other establishment choices have to do what they are told because they are not EARNEST.

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