Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fed Up

Once a person like me comes to the realization that our government is hopelessly corrupted then you long for its demise. Why would an individual pray for this? Let me just run through a number of examples of our "leaders" and government "officials."

We have politicians like Larry Craig who like to troll around in public restrooms for anonymous gay sex while making laws restricting homosexuals. But that's nothing but a thing as they use to say on "In Living Color." We have members of Congress resigning for being caught propositioning minors for sex. Then a Penn State scandals hits and Americans ask how could a child sex ring operate for decades like this and go without prosecution? It's clear the elites who control the television networks prefer the pedophile/sexual peccadillo personality types. These people are great con men in the first place so they make smooth politicians. But promoting them into public office compromised by pedophile evidence make them easy pickings for blackmail. Every few years one of them get thrown to the public lions to remind the other child molesters in government to do what they are told and to shut the hell up.

I could go into other corruption like the head federal cop, Eric Holder, running guns into Mexico and even into U.S. communities for the drug gangs so the federal agencies could run drugs back into this country. But why bother? These corruptions are peanuts compared to the rape, tortures and ritual murders of our children. What's it going to take, amigos, to wake you up? Don't wait for them to do these awful things to one of your children. Please.



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