Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Single Source Propaganda

Look at these words supposedly written by Associated Press writer PHILIP ELLIOTT . Either he is plagiarizing others, others are plagiarizing Philip Elliott or all the websites below take their journalistic marching orders from one single source. Perhaps traitorous rogues within treasonous government trying to explain why they put Al Qaeda fighters in charge of Libya?

Here is what everybody is writing these days.

The United States invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the al-Qaida-harboring Taliban after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The Taliban were ousted from power in Afghanistan and are now scattered in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

There is no evidence the Taliban are rising to power in Libya, a continent away.

Islamic extremists in Libya, however, could play a role in the new government. US officials are concerned that the former insurgents who have renounced extremism may have ties to al Qaida leadership.

Look at the identical wording these sites use to convince us that the government's behavior with respect to the Libyan invasion was just.

Libya for the Free

Time US

Taiwan News


African News


WEXFORD People World News

Belfast Telegraph

Talk Talk

Conservative Republicans of California

Express UK


Irish Examiner



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