Friday, November 18, 2011

The Perry, Gingrich, Cain Mutiny

The Three Stooges of politics, Perry, Gingrich and Cain demonstrate the difficulties facing the globalist invaders. Oh sure people like Tomas here were just a bit kooky only a few years ago when I warned you about high crimes and treason. My fellow patriots and I warned you how everything was being staged for Americans to manipulate the Republic into oblivion.

Fortunately, the "heads up" warnings of the patriot movement are having devastating effects on the globalists' master plans for our demise and consolidation of their power over the planet. Now the elites are in-fighting about what to do next. None of the globalist choices to be our next president has taken politically with the skeptical public. Gingrich is sure to fall next victim to the Internet sword slashing away with the truth of his real beliefs and actions. In the past Americans were such chumps for big network media that unofficially nominated every candidate we could vote for. Those not vetted and approved by the global elites were totally blacked out of the political process and Americans never knew what they were missing. How things have changed.

Perry, Cain and now Fannie May Newt are having a difficult time with their past behavior and or their current unsuccessful performances in the political theater know as "debates." Of course these are not debates at all but rather, staged showcasing events for the elite's 2012 political models. That's why the traitors at the networks restricted Ron Paul to only 89 seconds during the last staged event. If Ron Paul had flaws the elites would surely expose them over their networks yet instead they continue to attempt the 1950's style blackout strategy that has proven useless today in the Internet world. Sadly for the elites, all their globalist stooge candidates are turning out to be political Edsels. Their main flaw is they can't get out of their own faux pa laced past and present available for all to see over the Internet.

Here is what the Internet conveys about the Stooges. Perry is an ignorant dolt who leaves us to wonder how he could have become Governor of Texas. Cain has no serious positions on anything except his 999 nonsense that the global elites are counting on to start collecting a couple of brand spanking new forms of taxation on Americans. The Cuban exile community jumped off the Cain bandwagon faster than you can say "How do you say that in Cuban?" He knows almost nothing about anything but can convey that to the public with a very smooth, folksy delivery. He has become an embarrassment to the elites just like Perry. So now they are down to Gingrich, the man whose million dollar advice apparently has not kept Fannie May from going broke. He is the consummate globalist insider whose legislative history and spoken record rat him out for what he is - the last hope for the elites from the Republican side. The trouble for Fannie Newt is the plethora of globalist agenda positions he has advocated like carbon taxes and global warming back when most Americans were not paying attention. Now he and his aspirations of grandeur ruling over the little people will also go up in flames.

There is a very real chance Obama, the Democrat globalist choice will have to face Ron Paul in the general election. If so Paul would crush Obama and become our next president. That would not bode well for the globalists, their plans for us or the traitors who have willingly stabbed their nation in the back by working for the enemy. If it looks likely for an Obama/Paul match-up then look for the globalists to do almost anything to stop it from happening. That includes assassinating Obama to install another stooge without the past four years of baggage, assassinating Ron Paul, igniting a world war, releasing bio-weapons to cause a pandemic, etc.

Remember, the globalists are inbred psychopaths who act and think like Ted Bundy. They will act kindly and benign then when you are not paying attention they will hit you over the head with a crowbar.

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