Thursday, November 17, 2011

JFK Murderers Are Still In Charge

Please read the analysis of this chiropractor. His expertise makes sense. The traitor's excuse of an explanation makes you look the fool if you still believe them. Look! It's this simple. The murderers of JFK are still in charge and they have NO other choice but to murder America as we know it or face the music. The reason they have gotten away with this crime is because so many of you continue to be played the fool. I'm not slamming you to be smug as I have played the fool to these cutthroats my damn self. However, I'm on to these traitors like stink on a monkey and you better wise the hell up and fast! I've taken lots of heat from the Cuban exile community so blinded by their hatred for Castro that they were easy prey for these con men. Even the Bay of Pigs was sabotaged by the CIA and the failure blamed on Kennedy. That's why many exiles don't care about the JFK assassination reckoning he got what he deserved when we lost Cuba to Fidel. Did he really? His entire time in the White House the CIA undermined everything Kennedy did if they could get away with it. This agency operate more like an enemy. Cuba is still in chains, the assassins are still in charge and on the face of it most exiles are still duped.

I want to remind you all, amigos, that I have never wavered in my statements once I learned of the criminality and treason by the very individuals that were supposed to be working in our best interests. I took a few insults as well and those of you who were casting aspersions know who you are. But I'm not holding any grudges because the situation is too critical now. We must all work together immediately to defeat the usurpers of this republic because there is no place to run. Once their big move begins many exiles will be disappeared. That always happens to the true believers because once they figure out the leaders are corrupt they revolt - especially Cubans. So the traitors will need to eliminate the Cuban exiles first because we have seen this commie dog and pony show before and will resist in a most fierce manner.

Have a look at another piece of damning evidence that confirms we are conquered.

..."What does this mean for the current status of the Kennedy assassination? It means that we are living in a bizarro world. Black is white; up is down; in is out. The official story has become so ludicrous, wacky, and incredulous, and the evidence against it has become so indomitable and overwhelming, that it borders on insanity to continue believing it. The Kennedy assassination has become the elephant in the room, the emperor with no clothes. And I predict that as time passes, the mainstream media will withdraw completely from defending it. They will only speak about it in general terms. They will get psychologists to address the sociology, that is, the patho-sociology, of the JFK truth movement – as they do with the 9/11 truth movement. But, they are not going to sit down and debate particulars with the likes of Mark Lane, Jim Marrs, Orlando Martin, James Douglass, Phillip Nelson, Paul Champers or other Kennedy researchers. "Shut up, and believe what you’re told." That, in essence, will be all they’ll have to say."



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