Friday, January 21, 2011

Congressman Cohen

I put Cohen's head on Goebbels' (really bad Photo Shop job) not because he accused Republicans of acting like the infamous propagandists. No, he crossed the line when he attacked a great American like Jesse Ventura for telling the truth about the government that this Cohen vulture helps to run.

These filthy traitors are just beside themselves now about TrueTV's "Conspiracy Theory." They think Americans are so dumb that they could even allow the truth over their television propaganda machines and we still wouldn't get it. But they have grossly miscalculated the intelligence of the American public and are desperate to shove this genie back into the bottle. That is so true with the young people - they ALL know 9/11 was an inside jobs thanks to Jesse. Just ask one if you don't believe me.

But let me make it harder for the vipers to hide the truth. This Cohen shill and his accomplice Anderson Cooper just outright smeared Mr. Ventura's character but didn't even give one fact to back it up. That's the key amigos. Ignore the smear and ask questions. Start with CIA Building Number Seven which was obviously demolished on 9/11 using controlled demolition as the owner Larry ("we had to pull it") Silverstein admitted on PBS. All of the shills doing the smearing could get Jesse and I to go away if someone could just explain to me why the government destroyed their own skyscraper offices during the chaos of 9/11.

To sum up, Cohen's behavior is just the sort of demonization based on lies that Goebbels employed. Of course if the good congressman is merely duped and has fifteen minutes I could explain to him in language a fifth grader could comprehend how and why his government has a band of rogues selling us out to the foreign bankers and has committed treason on multiple occasions. They must be punished and routed from power. His government is illegal and has no authority over the American people any longer. His government holds power over the American people to maintain control of this criminal enterprise. Everyone will soon find out who really holds the power when push comes to shove.

There are over 300 million of us and that's just in America. How many do you traitors have on your side again?


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