Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paper To Commodities

The truth be told paper money has the same value as toilet paper. Well, actually for a bit longer paper money can buy more than toilet paper but that won't last. As the world's collectivist central banks flood the planet with their fiat currencies it constantly reduces the buying power of the workers.

Currently, the big economic players are moving into commodities and out of all things paper, i.e. they're dumping stocks, bonds and currencies for gold, silver, copper, cotton, pork bellies, etc. Why? The reason is commodities have real, actual value while the paper stuff is based on perceived value. The more people who do this the quicker the drop in value of paper currencies until toilet paper eventually will have more usefulness than dollars, pounds, euros, etc. Why? At least toilet paper is soft enough for the job.

But here is the sad reality. Money is supposed to be used so we don't have to do everything through barter. As such money only works if money maintains a stable value. However, if your labor is paid in money then immediately the paper loses more and more value the smart worker buys something - anything that will maintain value.

In 2013 we will have been on the paper stuff for a hundred years. The central bankers in America, who are mostly not residents and citizens of the U.S., have kept the money supply stable enough that we average workers mostly never gave it a thought. The reason all fiat currencies collapse into worthlessness is there is no honest way to know for sure how much currency should be created at a given time. Add to that the greed factor once powerful individuals can secretly manipulate the supply of money for their own benefit and all you need is time for the whole house of cards to come crashing down.

We are very near that time amigos so the money crooks are going for broke. What I mean by this is they know the system is ready to die. So the powerful are looting the system one last time real good by just getting various central banks to give them trillions of dollars which the workers must pay for in amounts greater than was forced upon Germany for WWI reparations. Then as the economy goes into the tank the central bankers who cause the problem are hoping the workers still don't know what hit them. The bankers will instigate wars and social chaos using their lackeys in the various spy agencies to distract the workers. They will bomb, assassinate and blame others to keep the workers naive and infighting. They will kill many of us and keep the ones living in mourning and desperate. Well...this has been their mode of operation, their standard operating procedures for the past several hundred years now. It's what they do. Also, they feel if we workers are so dumb as to not know what's happening to us - again - then we deserve to die and suffer. Why? These elites are Darwinian. They believe themselves to be superior to the average workers so they feel they have the right to exploit them or even murder them.

Is that right? No. Are these central bankers smarter than the workers? Apparently. That's because workers would prefer to waste their time and die rather than think. Most do just that. I've tried to warn workers for decades now how this operation works but I've mostly been rewarded with their scorn and ridicule. So I'm hoping the elites will at least recognize that I'm smart enough to understand their game and appreciate my intelligence by allowing me and my family to live. It's how they operate too. They feel humanity is mostly ignorant rabble stinking up the planet. In that we agree. Where I diverge from the elites is what to do about it. They murder and exploit the masses. I prefer to educate them. So far however it has been far easier for the bankers to exploit and murder the workers than it has been for me to wise them up.

That's because you can lead fools to knowledge but you can't make them think. It's easier to murder them.


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