Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hello Arab Suckers

Sorry to be so rude but suckers are what many of you are for the CIA. The CIA set up Al Qaeda, you suckers sign up for the terrorist organization, the CIA uses you to forward their aims then throws you away like yesterday's trash.

How can you be soooo stupid. The CIA bombs this Muslim sect or that then blames it on the others. It is all about keeping you fighting each other so the corporate thugacracy can steal your resources. The same thing is being done here to Americans. So when I ask how you can be so stupid I must ask the same question of Americans as well. How can you be so stupid?

Rather than be played for fools our entire lives wouldn't it be better to work together to defeat the ruling corporate elitists? We could ask the Irish, Portuguese, Greeks and Icelanders to join our revolts as well. When I say revolt I'm not talking about violence. That is the tactic of the psychopaths in banking who control all of our money. Rather, I'm speaking of not cooperating with the corporate thugacracy any longer. I'm talking about not acting out violently against your fellow man because you are angry that they have killed one of your friends or family members.

Remember, most likely these murders have been orchestrated by the CIA so do not give them what they covet - chaos. We all need to work together to defeat this global monster. This is a great time to do so because they are losing control anyway. For every one of their troubles that they think they can fix, three more pop up which they have to deal with. Our secret police working with the British secret police and others have their hands full.

Max Keiser has the best way to defeat the banking terrorists. Go out and buy some silver anytime you have extra paper money. The entire free range slavery system has been established and is run using fiat paper currency. This is the weak link in their operation. The banksters are officially recognized by our miserable governments as legal counterfeiters. But it makes no difference if the top traitors in our governments are okay with counterfeiting. If we do not go along with the program of the banking terrorists then we can collapse their free range slave operation.

Always remember, if officials say something is good for you then it is most likely very bad. That being the case the banking system is supposed to need saving because our lives depend on it. However, the exact opposite is true. The banking system must be crushed worldwide by the people who will remain free range slaves until this is done. We better get together soon to oust these traitors because the current free range slave system is crumbling. The fall back position of the bankster elites is to return to plantation slave model. That will require murdering half of us so the remaining half will do what they are told by the masters.


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