Saturday, March 03, 2007

Message to Raul

Message to Raul

My plan is simple…destroy your ability to earn more loot. Now you are already spending as much as you are stealing – maybe more. You cannot borrow any more money because you are a crook and no intelligent person in a position of authority will extend you credit. You are missing payments now with only more bills coming due every day. The reality that businesses will be barred from Cuba for conspiring with you to heist Cuba will cause investment to stop flowing right when you need it most. The youth seethe in anger and poverty, board stiff and watch the tourist from afar. Your police are tiring of chasing after them for merely wanting to go to the beach and be friendly with the visitors. When ten thousand of the youngsters all start running in YOUR direction at once, how confident are you that your underpaid, overworked police will stand in their way?

I told you that one plague after another would befall you until you are driven from the island – or die attempting to flee. There are millions of ways to ruin your economy. Giving your tourists a tummy ache or soiling their dinner are just two examples. Your border guards are aiding the cause of freedom as well by shaking down Canadian and European tourists as they try to fly out of Cuba. You have underestimated peoples’ desire to be free and your security apparatus’s desire to protect you. Many would slit your throat while you sleep. The clock is ticking for you old man and if the mob doesn’t get you time will certainly do the job - sooner than anyone realizes except perhaps you.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


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