Saturday, March 03, 2007

Virgin Atlantic Please

Virgin Atlantic Please

Mr. Branson I respectfully ask you to not fly to Cuba. This is a very unwise business move. Cubans are united in our conviction that flying tourists to segregated beaches on the island where average Cubans are forbidden is an abomination and an insult to the Cuban people. Mr. Branson, do you feel Cubans are a subspecies of human undeserving of equal rights?

If you decide against this bad business plan you may have an opportunity to fly into a free Cuba. If you proceed with plans to continue flying to Raul’s Cuba you will be banned forever from doing ANY business there in the very near future. At least hear us out. Again, please do not underestimate how angry all Cubans, except members of Raul’s gang, are about this insult. Who would it make more sense to make happy – Raul or 11 million Cubans? It’s your call sir.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah,that's right. No more BS.

1:16 AM  

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