Thursday, March 01, 2007

Canadians Insulted

Canadians Insulted

I discovered a number of things on this chat about Canadians – at least some Canadians anyway. The good news is they love the island of Cuba (who wouldn’t) and they don’t like the regime. But the bad news is they are really insulted that Cubans would retaliate against them for supplying the funds to buy Raul’s bullets and pay his jailers. They believe the real problem lies with the Cuban people themselves for being such lazy cowards. So they may vacation in Cuba untroubled, Canadians suggest that Cubans get off their lazy, cowardly ass and just charge right into Raul’s guns and die for the cause of cheap vacations in paradise for Canadians.

So now Raul knows that Canadians do not like him and want Cubans to revolt against his regime. Since Raul only has several years at most to live, he might be more apt to really shake down these tourists good now that he knows their real feelings towards him. Certainly if the average Cuban knew how Canadians really felt about them, then I would suggest these tourists avoid the salad bar. So at all costs, Cubanos, you better not let word get out that Canadians think our brothers and sisters on the island are lazy cowards. Specifically, there are several Canadians who will be going to Cuba in the next two weeks according to their chat with me who even provide their destination. So whatever you do don’t let your friends and relatives on the island know how these Canadians really feel about them. It might ruin their whole vacation if this news was broadcast on radio bemba.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


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