Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some Canadian Advice

Some Canadian Advice

Below is just one nugget of advice from a Canadian on this site:

Evidently it's not the tourist dollars that keep Raul in power. It is the Cuban people's fault for not all being ready to die for freedom right now. Hey she might send a couple of her kids to die? Read this one's in depth analysis below -

This is what I was just thinking after reading the first page

Don't blame and target the tourist for what the government has made of the island. It is the cuban government that has made tourism what it is in Cuba today...the size of it and the importance of it financially for the country.

If the government would take it's money and focus more on giving it back to the people rather than building more hotels for these "evil" tourists to travel to, that might diminish some of the problem. If the government didn't put so much damn money into spying on it's citizen's and putting police on every corner and rat's in every zone...there may be more money to go around for the average cuban.

I can understand the projection of anger being put onto the tourist since it is the tourist they see sitting on THEIR beaches, but come on....if they can lash out at the toruists...maybe they would be better off chanelling this energy into lashing out at their own government.

If this "movement" is SO big as to warrent a "warning" to tourists travelling there, then there MUST be enough participants to get the attention of the government....and please don't feed me the rhetoric about how they would be imprisoned or tortured for standing up for their rights. I would rather die standing up for my rights than to take the cowards way out and attack the travelers who to me are NOT the source of the problem.

Nobody said that a coup would be bloodiless, but damn it...if you want change and aren't happy about making 50 cents a day and you aren't happy about not being able to sit on your own beaches or drive on certain roads....stand up for yourself.

It's amazing how big the cuban orgullo can be at times...but how weak and pathetic it can be at other times.

If cubans are SO proud...then get rid of the dictator you have and demand freedom and fairness!!!!!
So far, so good......forever is a long time

There is more where that came from at the above site. Except for one agent named peyote at least no one supported Castro.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


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