Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just Another Stupid Cuban

Just Another Stupid Cuban

Yep! That’s me I guess. Me and the other millions of Cubans that is. Well this is what Fidel has always said…not directly but certainly implied. Okay not exactly. But the South Africans must me loads smarter than we Cubans. They’d have to be because they lived quite nicely surviving against a worldwide trade embargo due to apartheid - enforced by just about every nation. Even the black folks there did much better, by a wide margin, compared to the average Cuban of the past 48 years. But we poor dumb old Cubans can’t even figure out how to get toilet paper even though EVERY country in the world CAN legally trade with Cuba EXCEPT the United States which is still the 6th largest trading partner with the island and the biggest food and medicine supplier.

And while we are broaching the subject of apartheid, the world got upset with South Africa because blacks were not permitted to vote and denied equal rights while millions of whites could vote and enjoyed more privileges. But in Cuba 11 million Cubans of all races have been forbidden to vote (99.999999999999999 % of the population) for 48 years while only two white guys, Fidel then Raul Castro, COULD vote – on anything. He and his brother cast the only votes for the direction of ALL social and economic policy for 48 years. But still the embargo is blamed and now “corruption” in the state industries by those very same regular Cubans who surprisingly enough ARE smart enough to get away with those crimes usually – and keep all those vintage cars rolling without an Advance Auto Parts or Penn Jersey's within miles. But Raul still hasn’t explained how the embargo has made it necessary to treat regular Cubans like third class citizens while rolling out the royal red carpet and best china for the foreigners. How did the embargo cause that again, Raul?

Tomás Estrada-Palma


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