Thursday, March 01, 2007

Biological Warfare Justification

Biological Warfare Justification

Some of my libertarian friends cannot understand how I could advocate chemical and biological warfare tactics to remove Raul and his henchmen from power. Isn’t that against the Geneva Convention?

Well let me explain my rational. First of all this move should aptly demonstrate the gravity of the situation in Cuba. Just this past week an elderly man, one of the hundreds of prisoners of conscience, was damn near beaten to death by Raul’s guards in his dungeon. These prisoners are being starved, denied medical care, brutalized, forced to exist is flooded solitary confinement cells and are denied family visits. This is unacceptable behavior under any interpretation of the Geneva Convention which deals with nation against nation conflict. It has no bearing on a nation of people struggling with limited means to throw off the yoke of tyranny from a despot so ruthless as to kill you for your speech as well as beat old ladies in the street for walking.

Just so we are clear, Hitler was not building little villages for the Jews – he was gassing and burning them. So just because you Canadians, Europeans and others are not choosing to LOOK at the misery which is the Cuban people, does not mean it is not happening right under your sunburned noses. The money that you provide Raul goes to enrich this greedy tyrant and his henchmen who enslave the Cuban people for fifty cent a day and nothing to buy on the shelves!

But I really want you Canadians and Europeans to have a wonderful time on your vacation – just not in Cuba. Undoubtedly some will challenge this warning and go anyway. For these travelers I do not feel sorry for since they were warned to stay away and chose to go anyway. I am more concerned with the vacationer who does not get this message and goes blindly into Cuba. I will be sorry if this happens but it cannot be helped and I could not prevent it if I wanted to. It is the Cuban people who are revolting against 50 cents a-day slavery and banishment from occupying parts of their own country.

So please spread the word so everyone is informed. Let the so-called mainstream media know so they can inform the unwary travelers about Cuba. If YOU do not do this then you also will bear some guilt when someone dies or gets hurt. I’m at least trying to inform the public of the danger. This is a civil war zone!

Tomás Estrada-Palma


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