Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Warning To The Egyptian People

Elbaradei is not your savior. He is one of the choices the global elites have picked to replace Mubarak. Please do not willingly return to the same trap.

Here's an idea. Be the first modern country to decentralize. The way most Egyptians have conducted themselves has been impressive. Egyptians have seized control of their country from a dictator and now are rapidly developing local neighborhood security systems. My question is why go back to a central power to run your lives?

The longer this stand off goes the more apparent it becomes that Egyptians can live just fine without big brother stealing their time and money. Naturally, the former police were always criminals themselves and they will do anything to regain power over you once again by sowing chaos. The answer to this is swift and certain justice by the Egyptian people whenever one of these thugs is caught harming people or their property or stealing.

Soon, the Egyptian people can tell the army to go back to defending against outside threats and that Egyptians will continue to handle things locally. In other words why concentrate now on national leadership that will only enslave you once again when Egyptians should concentrate on local leadership positions? The young men defending the neighborhoods are great candidates for these new local leaders.

Think about what is important now.

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