Thursday, September 27, 2012

Three Degrees Of False Flag Attack

For the duped television reared American that cannot find their own country on a map with no names, I will try to inform you of something that you have not heard about or do not believe could exists in your televised world - the false flag attack.

A false flag attack is like being in a crowd and while someone isn't looking then slapping them in the back of the head then looking the other way innocently while someone else takes the blame. But a false flag is when one's government does these evil attacks on their own citizens so they can be tricked into war with the patsy nation who is blamed wrongly for the attack.

As the title states there are three degrees of false flag attack. A third degree false flag attack is what happened with the Gulf of Tonkin incident - NOTHING! In other words this tail wags the dog attack never actually happens but instead all of the paid presstitutes over the television networks swear that it did. Next, the second degree false flag attack is when a foreign attacker actually does attack a country, that country's government knows it's about to be attacked but stands down and allows the attack to go forward. A prime example of this false flag is the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that Roosevelt knew all about but let go forward anyhow to build support for war against Japan. Finally, the first degree false flag attack is when the government actually does the attack itself on their own citizens then blames the act on the nation or group they wish to demonized and go to war with. Textbook examples of this type of false flag attack are the Oklahoma City bombing done to save Clinton's reelecting and the 9/11 attack which many still mistake as a second degree false flag attack. But make no mistake about it. Nine eleven WAS a first degree false flag attack and the same scum who pulled that inside job off sure would like to take it to the next level for the impending attack. That means nuts in our secret police department nuking Americans or infecting us with deadly germs or God knows what?

So know your nation's false flag attacks and maybe there will be no more false flag attacks.


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