Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drug War Trojan Horse

Gordon Duff over at Veterans Today really does a nice job of explaining how a drug war supposedly to correct personal, private behavior deemed inappropriate by busy bodies is actually a military Trojan Horse being used to secretly attack America. Gordon shows easily how too many of our cops and politicians are totally corrupted by drug prohibition.

Your choice is a simple one, amigos. Keep losing this drug battle as well as your nation or come to your senses, mind your own damn business, let adult people do as they choose in private and concentrate on routing out the public criminals from office all across this land. That would be easy if the majority of Americans would get their heads screwed on right and stop listen to criminals and their collaborators. The fact is these crooks have left so many skeletons in the closet and smoking guns that any damn fool could prosecute them. You see amigos when one is officially responsible for looking into the evidence of criminal activity, one can commit any crime they like if they are crooked themselves. We have an entire government from the top down, federal, state and local all controlled by criminals. They know it and could care less that I warn about what they are doing to America. Most of them don't even realize they are destroying their nation because they are just making a buck trying to survive.

Gordon writes:

Criminality in law enforcement begins in Washington and dozens of long serving members of congress hold high positions in organized crime groups. 
Congress supplies the “middle managers” for worldwide organized crime, voting special laws to protect criminal groups, pushing billions in federal funding into contractors controlled by organized crime, helping create armed gangs under the guise of “military contractors” and, when needed, acting as financial couriers themselves while on “junkets.”



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