Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Message To Republican Voters

Republican voters like Ted Nugent need a reality check. Romney will not save them from Obama. Obama is not calling the shots around here and neither would Romney. The foreign bankers who back both traitors are running the show. So if you think I'd be as stupid as a Nugent and vote for Romney then you are most likely drinking city tap water and aspartame soda pops as well as having completed your full compliment of government injections - for your health naturally.

Think about this Teddy bear. Has Romney mentioned one word during his campaign about prosecuting any bankers or a Goldman Sachs official or two? NO! Apparently his campaign is now mostly built around the merits of being a housewife and if this counts as work. Seems like a stupid waste of time.

But you go right ahead and vote for Mitt, if you like Ted. I will not and I have a sneaking suspicion that millions of Ron Paul supporters will do likewise. We know Obama and Romney work for the same foreign bankers that are destroying our republic.

Ted does it really make that big a difference to you to be shot in the head from the right rather than the left?



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