Friday, April 20, 2012

Collectivist Knaves

The main reason America is in such bad shape is most Americans are communists, socialists, fascists, religious fanatics, progressives or other forms of collectivists. The worst part of this fact is most of them would take insult, especially people who consider themselves conservative or on the right of the false left/right political flat earth landscape. But collectivist you are.

Forgive me for painting with a broad brush but I feel there is enough truth in the following statement to be worthwhile of a discussion. For the most part people calling themselves left want government to make you do good. On the other hand people on the right demand government make other people be good. At least many people on the left admit they are some form of collectivist even while not realizing that they are members of a larger group that includes those on the right as well. However those on the right fail to see that they are just as big of collectivists when they demand government force other people to be good.

You see my knave right leaning collectivists, only in collectivist nations like the old USSR does the government establish what legal, private, consensual behavior is permitted. In a Constitutional Republic the adult individuals make those decisions. Naturally, the collectivist right will cry about the social costs that may be incurred by the government for this private adult consensual behavior. They might fret about the damnation's of the Lord for even permitting such behavior. Instead, these collectivists should be demanding the all adult individuals be responsible for the outcomes of their behavioral decisions. When things go wrong on earth then the Court is designed to make all parties whole again - not a gaggle of corrupt bureaucrats with an agenda. As for immortal souls, that should be left to God to sort out and certainly not other people.

If any of you want to spend other people's money or make them do or not do any consensual things in private that they would choose to do then you most certainly ARE a collectivist. If you want to impose yourselves on the time of others and decide for them what is acceptable for their happiness then of course you ARE a collectivist. It you think any adult should not have the full control of their own bodies to decide for themselves what is best for it then most assuredly you ARE a collectivist.

You cross the line and become collectivists, despite what you call yourselves, when you cross the line even once and demand other people's time, body or the fruits of their labor. This means the income tax rate must be zero no matter how large a person's income. Liberty and a Constitutional Republic demand that a person's home is his castle and government should mind its own very limited business of assuring the conditions for individual liberty reign.


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