Sunday, April 08, 2012

Time To Finish The Revolution?

I've always found the law and lawyers interesting subjects to observe. The law is nothing more than a collection of words to make people do or not do something. Lawyers I always found arrogant and the number of times I've beaten them in Court gave me tremendous pleasure. Here I've found this judge's paper really interesting. He explains our true history. He ties everything together neatly to show how the foreign crime families, using lawyers taught that they are a superior class of people, turn all of the rest of us into what I have referred to as free range slaves.

To sum up his warning, the cops and military are being trained to murder us, then they will be knocked off themselves using vaccines and other methods that allow enough time to infect everybody before it becomes apparent. This whole plan by our secret foreign masters is very cunning I must admit. However, since they plan on murdering you maybe it's time to finish what we started in 1776?

This is what the judge has to say about how our republic was hijacked by foreign banking powers using sleazy lawyers and words oh my!


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