Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Cubans Exiles To Be Duped Again?

I warned exiles that Obama would be your president in 2008 if they supported McCain. Now exiles are rallying around Gingrich. Most likely if Gingrich is the Republican nominee he will be trounced by Obama. Why? What does he offer that Obama is not already offering? Newt likes the carbon taxes, global warming nonsense, global government, etc. He is Obama's political brother from another mother.

Only Ron Paul can beat Obama? Why? It is because he will pull in millions of anti war liberal voters disgusted with Obama's illegal wars. Sadly, many exiles have actually been duped into believing these ridiculous wars are necessary. They are being fooled again just like Castro got them good back in the 1950s. How many of you remember at first supporting Fidel?

Cubans are just too nice and trusting and cannot see a tyrant evidently until the dictator has already consolidated their hold on total power. But the Irish half of this exile knows a son of a bitch like Gingrich when I see one. I'm warning you again and I've never lied to you yet and my record of being correct is among the best. Vote for Gingrich and you will rue the day.


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