Friday, July 01, 2011

The Impending False Flag Attack

Now that I understand the traitors who have commandeer my country it's easy to predict their next move. That next move will be a false flag attack in or around this approaching September through to perhaps February. It should be a shocking staged event which will be blamed on Qaddafi and perhaps also Americans targeted for demonizing then rounded up for concentration.

How do I know this? The cat's already out of the bag regarding U.S. ground troops mobilizing for the Libyan peace invasion. At the same time the American people are widely against the current peace bombings of Libya, want it to stop and have lots of questions about the other peace occupations in a number of other countries. Clearly, the nuts who tell Obama what to do know they can't just march into Libya without an excuse. The same nuts had the very same problem with Bush when they desired to take over Iraq and Afghanistan. Then as now the brass already had the troops and ships in place when 9/11 "happened."

So noting the traitor's modus operandi I can say for sure a new false flag attack is on the horizon. What that attack will consist of is anybody's guess. The globalist banking thugs who bought our government over the past century are psychopaths with all the money in the world. As such they feel absolutely no sympathy for anyone. They are sick individuals who don't know how to feel the pain of others. Charles Manson is this type of person who sees people as objects to be played with and used for his amusement. Clearly anyone can see what this means when it's a Rothschild or Rockefeller or other globalist who is afflicted with these psychopathic traits. We're nothing but objects to them. So predicting what type of mass murder of duped Americans they'll choose this next go around is hard to say for sure. They could always go the U.S. Maine route so soldiers deployed in the Libyan peace theater on ships should be very alert to the possibility. The globalists also have some big problems with their nuke plants in Japan and now America due to the flooding. So the elitist thugs could sure use some radioactivity to cover the radioactivity escaping from their General Electric Reactors right now. In fact, this next false flag attack must be a "go for the jugular" event. It must cause an emergency so scary that it knocks the bottom out of our Constitutional Republic. Releasing more germs is too unpredictable and randomly kills even those human toys the globalists wish to keep. So that appears less likely at least for this next knock out blow to our nation. But nuking a city would cause so much panic in the rest of the nation that the traitors working for the globalists could have their American style "Crystal Night." So places like Phoenix or other cities and states that have a problem with federal government policy may find themselves at the business end of a nuclear staged event. The globalists could nuke two cities and double their staged chaos so Texas should be wary as well.

Anyway, if the globalists are successful then I'm hoping they will let my family and I live. In their estimation of things they may feel that we come from good stock and would be valuable in the future to them. They already know we are not the violent type and pose no physical danger to them. Estrada-Palmas after my great grandfather have always chosen to talk you to death instead.


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