Monday, June 27, 2011

This Site Explains Everything

The article on this page is really informative.

"For the elderly and persons of retirement age, the assault has just begun -- pensions and retirement accounts are being gutted and stolen by bankers and a bankrupt government. Just as the baby boomers are hitting retirement age their pensions and retirement investments are stolen, squandered and deflated. Promises made while stealing your income will never be kept, as the economic life blood is sucked dry by bankers and criminally bankrupt governments from the many states to Washington DC. Finally, the assault continues as the USG, slowly dying from bankruptcy and rampant corruption, relentlessly (and against popular support) continues to prosecute two illegal, non retaliatory, wars six thousand miles from home. These wars support a growing worldwide hatred of the insane, brutal and irrational acts of the United States, while exploiting Americans through promotion of illegal drugs mainlined through government transportation and distribution; drugs sold at monopoly prices because of the deliberate War On Drugs, resulting in the prosecution of drug users to fill prisons at an increasing rate."

It confirms that I made wise decisions when my peers acted foolishly. They mostly followed television advice and invested in stocks, bonds and 401k's. Me, I bought tools, the knowledge to use them and paid for my family. Now my generation has been swindled and have nothing left or soon to be that way whether they know it or not. So we all have the same amount of retirement savings - zero. However, I have a great family, many tools and the ability to do just about anything that needs doing with them.

The conventional wisdom about investments never made sense to me as the main operators I knew 30 years ago were a gang of swindlers. I tried to warn folks then but they told me to shut up as their portfolios were going up. Now everybody has to admit I've been correct or they are worried I might be. The baby boom generation has been left with nothing but a bunch of hot air promises that they were counting on to see them through their golden years. Now those will be known as the cat food eating years. Chow Chow Chow!


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