Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Nazi Treatment

It's our turn this time, amigos. Let me explain.

Several hundred years ago a few extremely rich families gain control of the financial, banking and treasuries of enough nations that they became unbelievably powerful. Since that time they have schemed to maintain that power and gain more. This has been accomplished by pitting one group or nation against another but financing both sides of the conflict. These hidden financial rulers like the Rothschild Klan stay in the shadows with a stick poking both sides in the eye then blaming it on the other side. The classic example was the Nazis. The same scoundrels that financed the Nazis are here loan sharking us today with all their funny fiat money printing.

The point here is the German people never saw it coming. They were just people like all of us today trying to stay afloat in our bankster rigged system. Once all the media was under effective control of the Nazis the people of Germany were mostly oblivious at least at first to the genocide that was beginning at the hands of Hitler's goons. After they realized what was going on everybody kept their yaps shut for fear of meeting the same fate themselves in the camps. However, all Germans were blamed for the holocaust nonetheless. What happened in Germany is beginning all over again but this time we Americans get to play the role of the Nazis.

We are being set up for the big fall. We are in five or more wars attacking countries that never attacked us just like the Nazis. If you believe the 9/11 fables then you must also believe it really was Polish troops that attacked Germany and not people dressed up by Nazis to look like invading soldiers. Like the Nazis and Hitler, the people running our government right up to the White House and Obama admit to ordering assassinations and torture as well as abductions all with no legal basis. Bush did this as well. Goons now regularly beat Americans in the streets for simply videoing thuggish police behavior. Even the Nazis never publicly groped Germans' genitals in mass transit stations as a condition for travel. They demanded your papers. I suppose the biggest real difference between us and the Nazis is we have a rotating Fürership whilst the Nazis stayed with Hitler. Americans get a new Fuhrer now in no more than every eight years.

Just because Americans are too busy watching Dancing With The Stars doesn't mean the rest of the world isn't watching our government's behavior and taking note. This of course is especially so with respect to the nations where our taxpayer funded bombs are landing murdering peoples' children in their beds while they sleep. In the end the rest of the world rightfully ganged up on the Nazis and all of their allies. Their nations were devastated and their people slaughtered. The same fate awaits Americans and of course our allies like Great Britain who will play the role that Japan filled in the 1930's. France of course is playing the role of Italy which naturally casts Nicolas Sarcozy as Benito Mussolini. The Germans, however, appear less and less inclined to go along with this new axis power's military adventure. Perhaps the Germans have already experienced this game before and don't wish to play again.


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