Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's A Malthusian?

Explained simply, a Malthusian is one who believes in the theory put forth by a man named Malthus who believed that poverty is caused by too many people and not enough food and resources. He predicted, along with his followers, that the growing population of the earth would overwhelm the planet's capacity to feed everybody leading to poverty, starvation, pollution and all the evils of society. But that was billions of fewer humans ago when Malthus made his predictions than now occupy the planet.

Here's the trouble with Malthusian Theory. Malthusians always see the world through the rose colored glasses of the technological capabilities of the day when their predictions were issued. For example, when Malthus made his initial theoretical claims about how population growth would outstrip earth's capacity to provide the necessary resources, the amount of whale oil needed by civilization was already nearing the point where the earth could not produce enough whales to light up all the oil lamps. It may seem ridiculous today to worry about not having whale oil because technology and petrochemicals have replace the need for it. But to the vast majority of the people living in the time of Mr. Malthus and even up till this very day are easily persuaded that we are running out of stuff. Have we ever run out of anything? Ever? Right off the bat some may shout dinosaurs but can human survive without dinosaurs? Also we have the dino DNA so given enough time I fully expect dinosaurs to be regenerated in the future at some point.

But I digress. The main point is the economic elites seized on Malthusian Theory because it gave them the perfect cover to explain the poverty that they themselves caused by being greedy monopolists. Even today these greedy elites corner a market, create fake scarcity which drives up prices then they rake in the dough. Oil again is a perfect example. The global elites in the last century gained control of America's political system. These foreign snakes got the American political traitors to block production of the vast domestic oil reserves under the guise of environmentalism then sold us on the idea that oil was getting scare so the price would have to go up. Then we bought high priced middle eastern oil and the Arabs bought U.S. Treasury bills. Now that the Federal Reserve and other foreign central banks have in unison devalued the various world currencies it is obvious the Arabs will be paid off for the T-bills in worthless monopoly money not even suited for toilet paper. Then you will hear amazing news over the TV networks that huge oil reserves have been discovered in the U.S. right around the time that the Arab oil stops flowing westward.

However, the artificial scarcity will continue because what the economic Malthusian elitists are doing currently is using our military along with NATO gang members to destroy the oil infrastructure of the middle east while they claim we are over there for humanitarian reasons doing God's work. Once the smoke clears the middle east oil fields will be unusable for a long time which is trouble for China since they have lots of people but little oil. Before you Americans start jumping for joy please understand that you will still be paying five bucks a gallon or better for gas for our domestic crude. When NATO finishes blowing all the oil wells in the middle east there will be scarcity artificially created as well as reasons for China to want to go to war with the west.

To sum up there is plenty of oil but not enough power and control for the elites. The scum will continue to create fake scarcity and the ensuing poverty which usually leads to wars killing millions of innocents. The elites have thus far gotten away with their crimes because they see the big picture while most people are finger painting their lives away oblivious to what's really happening in the world today. Hungry, desperate people are easily manipulated into acting out violently against those whom they perceive as the enemy. The global elites have done a good job in the past hiding the fact that they were the ones causing all the poverty - not over population. But today, the greedy globalist scum are not doing such a good job hiding their crimes.

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