Friday, June 03, 2011

The Next Cyber Attack By U.S. Government

This is a nice piece on false flag attacks which fortunately is understood by more and more plain old regular people. If you still don't understand this term let me put it to you this way. You want to get your big brother into trouble because it's what siblings do. So while he is behind your little sister, you slap her in the back of the head then look away innocently. She turns around crying, sees your brother then runs off to mom crying "Billy hit me!" Billy gets into trouble despite his innocence.

Nations have been playing with their people's minds like this forever. That's because regular people are normal and concern themselves with the simple things in life like minding their family and business. They would never think of starting a war especially using false flag attack lies. But the psychopaths that rule over us are always trying to go to war to steal more stuff. They are sick mentally sort of like Charles Manson but successful at the very same game. They know how to push your buttons to manipulate your emotions.

The sickos running our country are so mental they don't even realize their behavior is also self destructive. They are so absorbed with their needs and delusional plans that they never see the big picture universally speaking. By the way, when I warn about the mentally damaged individuals who control our country I mean the bankers and multinational corporations behind the scenes. Their employees at the top in the various branches of the U.S. government are very sick mentally themselves but they are only taking orders.

On the one hand, the rulers want to rule the planet. On the other hand they have come to realize that the regal model has drawbacks when things go wrong. The people rise up and chop off the head of the king. So the real bosses of the modern world remain hidden in the shadows and rule through their puppets in their various national franchises around the world.

Our western oligarchs are competing with the Russian oligarchy, Chinese, and many smaller players. The western oligarchs are losing ground. They think if we in the west can be false flag tricked in a clever enough fashion then we will accept their globalization plans. Those plans consist of standardizing a new electronic currency and a global production scheme whereby each nation is assigned a particular economic task. Production of goods and services will be tightly controlled so there is no competition between countries. The people under this plan will be the slaves and the western oligarchs believe at that point they will have enough wealth to confront the other oligarchies and defeat them.

Do you want any part of this nonsense?


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