Tuesday, December 07, 2010

How To Use The Internet

Say you want to find out some random piece of information about why your tomatoes are not producing like last year's crop. Another example is when I research car mechanical issues to diagnose one of the family cars. There are too many "experts" out there on the Internet. It's like an attractive lady standing by the side of the road with the hood up. Every bird dog wannabe shade tree mechanic is going to stop and advise the lovely lady what IS wrong with her car.

The trouble is most of the advice is wrong. Some guys will be friendly. Some will be Ted Bundy. All have their motivations for stopping to offer information. What's a lady to do?

Well I'm no lady but this is what I do. I do the research to try to develop a consensus. For example, my wife's Corolla has a check engine light on. My code reader says it's an EGR valve problem. I happen to have an extra EGR valve from when my son blew the previous engine. I popped it in...same problem. I hit the Internet and right off I see warnings that the valve is probably NOT the trouble. After wading through the advice that I determined was useless for my problem, I found my wife's car had a bad EGR modulator. How?

You see cars are engineer the same from the same manufacturer. If my wife is having something wear out at 52K then dollars to donuts many of the other thousands of 1995 Corolla owners are also having the same trouble. Often, they have already reached the 52K milestone and done all the wrong things so I don't have to.

This is how you diagnose your car using the Internet in the 21st Century. Everybody has their methods for deploying the Internet to get information - usually for shopping or sex. Not that I am disparaging either and the Internet can be a useful tool to facilitate both activities certainly. Here is the trouble. In the areas of personal interest everybody realizes the Internet IS a priceless tool which the vast majority put to use admirably. Sadly, when a question arises that does not conform with how we are programmed, like when somebody claims bombs, not jet fuel fires, brought down the Twin Towers and CIA Building Number Seven, the majority ask where did that claim come from? When they learn this information came from the Internet and not the television networks they dismiss the issue as "conspiracy theory" or label the individual a "Kool-Aid" drinker. The result is the majority does not even bother to look. They will not go to the Internet and comparison shop ideas. They smugly label honest people trying to warn them of a grave threat to our nation as nuts then feel intellectually superior themselves in their ignorance.

Here is what they should do. First don't believe anybody initially regarding ANY question. Research the question using Google and other Internet search tools. Next, realize there are Ted Bundy types out in the world who will steer you wrong for their own evil purposes. One should note that most people think our government officials and representatives are all good, noble individuals. The reality is there are many individuals who gravitate to positions of official power precisely because it permits them to abuse that power.

So information buyers beware. Here is what I have discovered by doing the research on the 9/11 question. You should not believe me outright however. Comparison shop my ideas on the Internet with those who agree with me and those who do not.

The sites that disagree with me almost always use ridicule and insult to bolster their argument and never address any relevant question. A minority may seem more polite and actually appear to be answering scientific issues but do so with sophistry or confusing knots of technical jargon meant to wear down the person and get them to believe the topic is just too darn hard to ever be sorted out. These are hoax sites and are the equivalent of Ted Bundy on the Net. They appear ready to set you straight and help you see the simple facts with their smiling simplifications. But in the back of their minds they have a tire iron just waiting for you when it suits their ambitions. They are intelligence sites meant to misinform. Most never identify themselves.

The sites that agree with me, that these three towers were imploded by well placed, timed explosives are the experts in the fields of demolition, building construction and engineering. These thousands of experts are offering real science that actually explains how the buildings collapsed that day at the speed of a gravity free fall. In addition there are the many eyewitnesses who were there on 9/11. Finally, there are blogs and sites like this one. We comparison shopped these questions and found out the people we had been labeling as unamerican kooks and Kool-Aid drinkers were actually correct about the bombings.

The sad aspect is even though I never even bothered to look myself for five years, once I did have an honest examination it did not take 15 minutes of investigation before I became very suspicious. Within an hour I had come to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the Twin Towers and CIA Building Seven were all taken down by bombs.

Then my investigating really began in earnest. But I can't begin to tell you the shocking truths I have discovered because it would overwhelm you. All I can say is there has always been secret struggles going on behind the scenes. Whoever wins the struggle then gets to write the history which the people are fed. That history has never been correct where it mattered until such time as it no longer mattered usually because the players are long dead.

So forget the Alamo. Remember the Gulf of Tomkin Incident that ended in over 50,000 Americans dead but never actually occurred. These are the same liars over the same lying television networks that slander honest Americans as "conspiracy theorists." There IS an enormous conspiracy here and that ain't a theory. It's a fact.


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