Thursday, October 01, 2009

U.S. Will Fall In Afghanistan

Afghanistan has no capability to harm America. There is no Al Quada threat emanating from the mountains of this nation. That threat is emanating from the dark unseen halls in Washington, DC and in London. Those domestic terrorists have Americans and Brits spooked into believing in this nonsense about the Islamic threat. The Nazis used the same tactic but chose Jews as their scapegoats.

What is really going on is the oligarchy is stealing the oil from that region so we don't have to pay for it with the incredibly shrinking dollar and pound sterling. Sure most of you are just beginning to understand how fiat money schemes operate. However, these war mongering snakes have been running this casino for centuries now. They know what happens when too much money is printed up. They know the magic formula to keep the game going - war.

First they create a boogieman to scare up you sheep that run with the other sheep in the herd. Some examples are the Kaiser, the Nazi, the commie, etc. While the sheep are being frightened the boogie men are being funded by the traitors pretending to be our watch dogs. But in reality they are just dogs. Currently, the dogs have most sheep convinced Iran is, like Iraq was previously, the most dangerous nation on the planet. It's only a matter of time before those diabolical Iranians figure out how to make a bomb so they can fire it off on us. It's what they live for right?

The reality is Iran would be stupid to develop a bomb. Once they have the bomb the dogs of war pretending to be our faithful watchdogs could nuke some troublesome portion of our nation then say the Iranians did it. North Korea is just lucky they are not sitting on a pile of oil or we'd already have invaded. At the end of the day there is nothing Iran can do, short of giving away their oil, that will appease the dogs of war in three piece suits. Currently, we are all being living room carpet bombed by television propaganda stoking these irrational fears of Iran. There is nothing Iran can do about it. Rather, their fate lies in our hands. If the majority of Americans continue to believe this nonsense about the Iranian threat then war is inevitable. This war will be like the great wars with different nations aligning themselves with one side or the other for their own strategic purposes. Americans will die by the hundreds of thousands. People in the middle east will perish by the millions. At the end of it all we will lose, be broken apart as a nation and bankrupt.

Is this what you want America?


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