Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why We're Going Broke

Society is a living thing of unpredictable variable outcomes. Billions of us occupying the planet all make decisions based on what we feel is the best. God knows how many schemes various groups have employed to "run" society and its economy throughout history. They all failed and the bigger the empire the harder they fell. The question is why?

Quite simply, society being a living thing must follow the rules for all living things - or die. What do living things do? They gather and produce the wealth needed to survive and even a bit more for rainy days. They reproduce in order to survive with constantly refreshed new copies of themselves. And finally, they use some of their time and wealth to devise and implement as necessary defensive measure to fight off all threats. These three basic living organism requirements must remain in balance in order to have a healthy, harmonious living thing.

So you examine a harmless private activity like smoking cannabis or engaging in whatever sexual activity adult individuals will think up in their living rooms and their bedrooms. These things in and of themselves have absolutely no damaging effects or threaten society as a whole yet they are subjected to countless state, local and federal laws. The result of these laws is one group within the social organism gets to extract wealth from the victim groups. Therefore, all of the potential victims, and there are millions of them in these just mentioned two groups alone, take defensive measures that at the very least consume a bit of their time and wealth to counteract the laws that threaten them. Then the government realizes this and uses even greater amounts of wealth and time to extract the wealth from the victim groups.

You can add the gamblers, smokers, over-eaters and other risk takers all of them wanting to do what they want to do and the government squeezing them for wealth. The biggest squeeze is of course the prison industry. At best though the state makes only enough profit to pay for the prison and the inmates' needs. Subtract from that the enormous costs to society in damaged people and their family's and the government is losing their ass off. Like a sick old animal we are as a nation slowly dying as a result of this unhealthy treatment by our government. Whatever can we do?

Wise up! This isn't rocket science after all. Lets be like Americans were always supposed to be but so far have never really achieved for everyone. Put simply, lets go back to the original rights that white male property owners possessed right after the American Revolution, but this time lets include everybody! We would say, "I may not agreed with what you say but I will defend your right to say it." It use to be a man's home was his castle and it was his business what happened inside as long as he wasn't hurting anyone. Busy body government must go if America is to survive.

Having said that, I don't believe that she will because Americans have been dumbed down by our oppressors and set to squabbling against one another. But you could prove me wrong and spread the word about what it use to mean to be an American. Remind everyone you meet that real Americans mind their business at home and at work so the government doesn't have to. Tell them American soldiers were never meant to police other nations nor, God forbid, America itself. Show them that our troops today police 150 nations and are on the verge of invading America. Isn't that sort of like cancer?


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