Monday, July 13, 2009

Desperate Traitors

The unAmerican scum under the control of the foreign invaders are getting very worried. You see amigos I know my enemy and I know myself. So I pretty much know what's going on while most remain duped. When the shills attempt to manipulate me I interpret this as their bosses and handlers getting on their asses to do something about me telling the truth. It is vital feedback from my enemy telling me to keep doing what I'm doing because it disturbs them greatly.

I will continue to block shills on my blog since their overlords already own all of the network and do enough damage now as it is to so many of my confused countrymen. My amigos will only hear and read the truth here on my blog. I will keep drawing the traitors to America just as they are and not how the invaders would like you to see them.

I can tell you this amigos about how these snakes operate. Their motto is "Order Out Of Chaos." What the traitors don't say is it is they themselves who are the ones secretly sowing the chaos. The elite hidden rulers are scared stiff and in disunity. We in the patriot movement grow larger and more united every hour. We are two armies facing off looking for weaknesses.

If the employees of the invaders appear later this year or next demanding that you and your kids take a forced flu shot tell them to go jump in a lake. At best this will be an experimental vaccine in this short amount of time. At worst it could be a cocktail to cull the herd and sow a bit of chaos that they so covet.


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