Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now That We're Going Broke Anyway

Just look at these morons in California arguing over how to spend the slave revenue that they no longer have. Here's a simple plan. Legalize freedom for the individual to manage their own time, body and money. At the very same instant end the welfare state and all government wealth transfers from provider/producer slaves to the growing number of consumer slaves. Immediately release all convicts jailed for breaking slave law and not legitimate laws against violence and fraud. Slave laws are all laws that forcibly and against an individuals will which remove ownership of one's body as well as the fruits of one's labor. Why are we as a nation going broke? Put simply our government has become a gang of slave overseers and that is a costly operation. Has any form of slavery ever produced as much wealth as a nation of free people? Why would any of you even attempt to argue the point? History and common sense are solidly in my corner on this question.

The trouble is you all have been fed a bucket of nonsense from your government teachers, media muckity-mucks and legislative overlords. You have been lied to and led to believe that without welfare from our overlords the poor would be doomed.

Here is what Ron Paul has to comment about that nonsense.


Blogger Fantomas said...

Tomas , how long till you stop telling people about your tomatoes , carrots , farm , Ron Paul , 9/11 and whatever the hell man , clean that crap off the BTR program , you can't call it Cuba Exposed if all you talk about is your conspiracy BS and your personal stuff

2:23 AM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I talk about whatever strikes my fancy. That's why it's called free speech. Just because you have not even examined one piece of evidence of the 9/11 coup does not mean it is b/s. It just means you have not discovered the truth yet like most television viewers. Is the TV telling the truth about Cuba and Castro? No of course not. So why would you believe them about anything? The fact is anyone who questions my facts about 9/11 becomes a bit of a suspect themselves. What kind of work are you doing these days Enrique? How do your earn money?

8:02 AM  

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