Friday, July 10, 2009

Watching The News

I still remember dad sitting in the living room watching the news on TV. At six o'clock sharp everything around dad had to stop or you'd be in trouble. "SHHH! I'm watching the news!" He'd warn if my brother or sisters and I were playing too loudly too near his black and white.

How times have changed. Today I am the dad and I put the news on too. However, just as I am doing this very minute as I type, I have CNBC on in the backround with the sound muted. I take a peek at the ticker every now and then as I do something else productive. Perhaps I flip it to another channel to check out the weather outlook or maybe the traffic before I leave for work.

You see I get what I want when I want it. The hard factual news I get from sites like Breakthematrixtv, Inforwars, dprogram, campaign for liberty and of course the Weather channel. My email inbox brings me timely info as well from trusted friends and family. Dad on the other hand was saddled with what ever the networks wanted him to believe like it will not rain today and the Warren Commission sorted everything out in the Kennedy assination. The cool thing about getting the news in the 21st Century is you can logically analyze what sources are BS so that they may be properly ignored as with the big networks for example. Once I catch any news source in a lie I no longer give them much credibility. They become mute button fodder. I have caught all of the big networks in the biggest of lies. They can no longer manipulate my thinking. I might add that not hearing all the commercial jabbering as well is wonderful. Advertising is geared to ten year olds. It must work because they keep airing the nonsense and most Americans keep watching it. What's that say about most Americans sitting there right now listening to that same stupid GEICO caveman commercial?

People ask me all the time, "How do you find the time?" They see all the drawing, writing, constructing, working, playing and other living that I do every 24 hours. It's easy amigos! Just cut out the network BS and you will have plenty of time to do whatever you like. You will be much wiser and happier as well.


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