Thursday, July 09, 2009


There is a fundamental element of economics that is never acknowledged in most universities. That element is all the variables which establish the price of the goods and services that we need and want. Oh sure they discuss the nature of supply and demand but the professors never touch the influence that the supply of money in an economy has on the price of everything.

One of many positive aspects of actually auditing the Federal Reserve Board would be to finally see from year to year just how much money these currency crack dealers create. That's important to you amigos and here is why. As huge amounts of currency were created and injected into the economy it triggered the price bubbles as with housing. Then when the supply of money collapsed so did the price of those houses - but not the mortgages unfortunately.

By examining a chart of the money growth and shrinkage along side the price of housing and commercial Real Estate it's easy to see the enormous effect money supply has on prices. Then most will say, "Hey wait a damn minute! How come these sneaky Fed bankers can keep this vital information secret from the American people? What else do they have to hide?

Therefore, who in their right mind would be against the Government Accounting Office auditing the Federal Reserve Board's book except perhaps Greenspan, Bernanke and the rest of their secret cabal? They think they're covered even though the Congress support this audit overwhelmingly. They still own the Senate and Nancy Pelosi where the banksters hope to block the audit. Please amigos contact your senator and demand they support S604. And Pelosi's constituents should fire her next year for supporting the Federal Reserve Board before the American people. Anyone doing this must be branded a traitor!


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