Thursday, July 16, 2009

Senator Peter Schiff

Having Peter Schiff in the U.S. Senate would be incredibly good fortune for the American people. This is one really smart guy and he has a way of explaining the truth, especially about economics and money, that makes it simple to grasp for just about anyone.

Take for example his appearance on Freedom Watch yesterday which you can view below this post. The good judge had remarked early in the show about the Federal Reserve Board being able to create wealth by just printing paper money and even adjusting the numbers on bank ledgers. Then Peter Schiff came on the show and corrected Judge Nipolitano's statement and at the same time Tomas Estrada-Palma's incorrect thinking too. I really love it when people do that! He commented rather dryly as always that the Federal Reserve board absolutely did not create ANY wealth when printing money. He said if it did then he'd be in favor of it. However, he righteously pointed out that what the Fed does when printing money is to print demands for wealth in the form of dollar bills. Wealth has not been created. Instead wealth that has already been created is bought by these newly created dollar bills. Therefore, the lucky so-and-so's who get this money from the Fed can legally transfer wealth from those who produced it to they themselves who have produced nothing but a keen friendship with the Federal Reserve Board Governors.

It would be a good idea to go here and give Peter a campaign contribution. There hasn't been a Republican Senator in Conneticut in decades. If the neocon Republican establishment that got us into this economic fiasco with the Democrats tries to put up another R.I.N.O. to challenge Dodd then you can just stay use to hearing Senator Dood. Send Peter to challenge Dodd and Peter Schiff will kick Dodd's ass right out of Washington, DC.


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