Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello Iranians

First of all let me say that the Iranian people ARE some of the nicest, most sophisticated people on the planet. Right at this very moment they are victims of a collectivist religious theocracy that oppresses their individual rights. They do not even have a real democracy in that the mullahs who are in charge do the same thing the American tyrants do to maintain control of things - say who's name can appear on the ballot. Hell, the Iranians were considered the first white people for you racist in the crowd. The American collectivists elite ruling class wants you to believe the Iranians are our enemy. They are in the same collectivist swamp as we.

But my point is Iranians are basically just like Cubans - victims of bad collectivist government. Iranians! Please join the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! We shall together overcome the collectivists! The Cuban need you and you need the Cubans. Neither of us need our corrupt governments. Give me a Skype call from Tehran tonight at 9 PM. Let's talk economic policy...


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