Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Tomas Virus

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First off good morning to all the fine Cubans who have recently visited my blog from the Pearl of the Antilles. My motives may not be apparent so let me come right to the point. I am like a single virus of information. I am encoded with information about individualism and how it will replace collectivism in your future. It is too late for the forces of collectivism to stop me. I have already made too many copies of my genetic information virus which other encoded individuals now possess. Even worse for the collectivists is the thousands and thousands of other individuals who at this stage only have a dormant information infection. That will change as the collectivist rulers of this world greedily ruin life for the individuals. Fortunately with the Internet I can explain the problem, collectivism, and light the way to the future - individualism.

So good Cubans, I am here to infect your thinking. I am being up front and honest about my task. Once you realize collectivism is evil social snake oil you will want to know how and with what to replace that bitter elixir. I am here to enlist you all in the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! Before you can be considered a full fledged information warrior you must read all the pages of this blog and understand the blessings of liberty and the strengths of individualism for us all. Only then will you dormant information virus become a full blown outbreak. Once you understand this code you will be as powerless as Tomas Estrada-Palma to believe any other way.

Then you too must make copies of yourselves. Tell your friends and neighbors and family. Translate this text into Spanish for them. It will be a great exercise in helping you comprehend and visualize the concept of individualism. Pay close attention to the economics of this information virus package. Copy these pages and spread the link. It will take a bit of study here and elsewhere if the topic interests you further but it is vital that you understand the basics of economics to see how the collectivists enslave all of us to one degree or another. You don't have to just be in Cuba to be a slave.

Finally, it is not just my heritage that causes me to reach out to Cubans with these plans. At this stage of the game it would be a waste of my time to attempt to convince Americans that they should become individualists again. They have become fat, ignorant and lazy in front of their television screen watching collectivist dope eating microwave dinners. Cubans, on the other hand, have felt the sting of collectivist stupidity for half a century. I believe it will be in Cuba where the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! will explode. As we Cubans reorganize ourselves into a society of individualists I absolutely guarantee you we will become the wealthiest people on the planet. Our peace and prosperity through liberty will light the path for the rest of the world.

So keep reading and start spreading the news. Liberty's here...there's good rockin' tonight!


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