Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Collectivist Secret Weapon

Modern America has become ancient Greece. Actually the Greek democracy probably was a bit better than our American faux democracy. Old Joe Stalin was right about one thing. The most important part about voting is who and how the votes are allegedly tallied. But you can't just start fake voting processes right out of the blue. First decades of ground work must be laid to assure a public dumb enough to fall for it and many other things as well. Therefore the collectivists wrestled control of the schools from parents here and in Cuba. They taught you to read perhaps but not to think for yourself. YOU...were trained by collectivists to think like and be a collectivist tool for the benefit of the collectivist. You have been taught that this is the American way or in Cuba that you are advancing the revolution. Sucker by slogans...


Only the third amendment's prohibition on quartering troops in our homes prevents the Constitution from being a blank sheet of paper. So nothing stands between YOU and tyranny of the mob. Many have already felt the sting of the mob. Home-schoolers, home-birth parents, illegal drug users, homosexuals and I could go on for days naming the victims of the majority. People who have been imminent domained out of a home or small business. The collectivists have monkey trained YOU into believing it is YOUR American duty to permit these slugs to leech off YOU and your family. Then they use these resources to keep YOU all stupid and under their control.

In our "modern" faux democracy your big media shills tell you whom YOUR choices will be and what the election will be all about. You do not have a say because most of you really do not know what to say or ask that is pertinent to the situation. That being the collectivists setting different minorities and majorities against one another using law restrained only by the third amendment. Big whoop...

So the collectivists have herded most of you voting sheep into picking one of the three collectivist candidates. Sure most of you are really picking against a worse choice in your mind. Perhaps you acquiesce and pick McCain because the collectivists have you convinced that the enormous profits and potential from oil being raked in by the military/banker class has nothing to do with why we fight in Iraq. You believe this, like our fight in Vietnam, somehow is necessary to protect you.

Or you like the cut of Obama's jib and think we haven't had a really smooth talker since Jack Kennedy. Even though he would make a good used car salesman YOU agree with him that good health care is "important" and naively believe that he will put some statist government health care brew together that will satisfy the need. Of course YOU collectivist slaves don't even remember that the trillions of your labor dollars stolen from you to address all manner of human issues from hunger to enforcement of federally approved toilets has been squandered all for naught. Today after GAZILLIONS of billions dollars have been stolen and spent we have as many or more hungry Americans, dumb Americans, homeless Americans, undoctored Americans, unsafe Americans, etc.

Some pick Hillary because when the last Clinton was in the White House the economy was rolling right along pretty good and they believe that inside the presidential palace at 16th and Penn' are the switches and knobs that control the economy. They themselves who are the knobs feel that if only Hillary wins it's "happy days are here again."

These will not be happy days no matter who wins - not even for President Ron Paul should Americans suddenly rise up in anger and choose a real patriot. No sireeee! With trillions of unfunded debt, a contracting economy bringing in less slave crop revenue, 10% of the American public already on food stamps and inflationary over printing of the dollar leading to double digit price increases I see a bad moon rising. You do not want to be dependent like the poor citizens of New Orleans and be victims of the next neglectful die off operation. Even those hurricane victims that tried to walk out to safety were shot at by police and driven back to the dying zone. But most of you remain swimming in denial until it happens to you. If you need help from the government in the next few years you are going to be in big trouble. Street people, social security pensioners, food stamp diners, Medicaid/Medicare patients, natural disaster victims, etc. will find it difficult to live without some other family or friend or church help.

So following the tenets of "The Art Of War" I am trying to build alliances because I am on "open ground." That does not mean voting for Ron Paul though that would be smart. It will require you to join the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! However, membership is exclusive to include only free thinkers who swear off ALL forms of collectivism and only kneel to authorities higher than men. Join now or die a slave...


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