Monday, May 28, 2007

Cuban Bio-Chernobyl

Cuban Bio-Chernobyl

Let me predict what could happen so that countries with a free press and exchange of information will not be fooled again by the Castro boys. Some things, like the incompetence of communism, cannot be disputed and are not in need of prediction. Communism just plain sucks at everything. How that manifests itself depends on what the collectivists attempt to do. In the case of the former Soviets, they wanted nuclear power but decided on the tool shed containment method rather than the thick concrete bomb-proof styled we use in the west. You know the rest of the story. As for Cuba they are heavily into the biological stuff. Right there in Havana these bumbling knuckleheads are growing deadly weapons grade virus and bacteria that could wipe out millions in mere weeks. What shortcuts are they taking during the manufacturing process of these weapons and research projects? What will happen when one of the shortcuts allows the release of a deadly bio-weapon to infect an unsuspecting Cuban public?

My recently graduated wife who soon will be a nurse, tells me the really scary bug is small pox. If small pox escape its containment, perhaps during one of the frequent blackout in Havana, it could be passed from person to person during the incubation period until thousands or even millions were infected. Complicating this crisis is the lack of adequate medical facilities, medicine and free exchange of information in Cuba. When the first ten or twenty thousand Cubans died during the first few weeks panic would begin to set in. The lack of truthful information from the Cuban government would only add to the pandemonium. As corpses began piling up in the hot tropical sun other secondary diseases would arise. Cubans would flee Havana but this will only spread the infection wider. Untold numbers would grab any raft and try to float north although many would already be infected but not yet showing symptoms. Every rafter would be rounded up and put in medical concentration camps quarantined from the American public. But just the shear numbers of escaping Cubans would make the jobs of apprehends them all before reaching our shores impossible. All it would take is one infected Cuban to get through to begin an infection here that could kill millions of Americans. So vaccinations in the US would be mandated.

Naturally as the crisis deepen the Cuban government would blame the US like past dengue fever outbreaks. Of course that is so stupid in lieu of the just mentioned nightmare scenario of which the US government is already fully aware. Nobody in this government wants thousands of sick Cubans infected with deadly diseases landing on our shore. If history is any guide an outbreak like this could wipe out half the island's population. Also remember that the US government began practicing high seas intercepting of Cuban "migrants" right after a very high Cuban defector with extensive knowledge of the bio-weapons facility debriefed American officials. Was part of the debriefing about how shoddy the equipment is or how unprofessional and unsafe the manufacturing process is during the production of germs?

I do not want to see this happen so let this be a warning to everybody especially the Cuban government. Raul you have absolutely no need for these weapons. You should know this fact for sure. If the above scenario does occur then your rule in Cuba WILL end as a result! In other words your rule is in more danger with these terrible things in your possession than if you just destroyed them now before one of your demoralized, suicidal scientists making 50 cents a day lets some of that nasty stuff get out.


Blogger Vana said...

This article scared me very much Tomas, if something like this were to happen not only Cuba, but the whole world would be at risk, I don't understand this goverment knows damn well this things are happening in Cuba, we all know these are Weapons of mass destruction, yet we attacked Iraq and not Cuba, go figure

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Jzangroniz said...

Sr. Estrada Palma,
A good, thorough and very smart examination of a topic that should be of *extreme* interest to the Bush Administration.
I wonder if anyone there is really paying attention?
They weren't when Ala Belen was at work in the Pentagom!
Julio C. Zangroniz

6:37 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

You guys are correct.Somebody is asleep at the switch. But I don't like the scenario either. It is why I asked Raul to just destroy them before anyone gets hurt - including he and his family.

8:13 PM  

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