Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hugonitera Oil Closed!

Hugonitera Oil Closed!

Interesting little party going on in Caracas aye? I figured Hugo would go too far, piss off enough Venezuelans and get himself executed or at least driven from the country. Whether or not he goes, I've got a feeling Raul is not going to be able to drink from the tit of Hugo's oil wells. Hugo has miscalculated his strength and now must concentrate on the home front. The commies in Havana have now become addicted to the free energy and have done nothing but continue to beg for more. So guess what? The lights are going to go off right in the height of the summer Havana heat. How things will develop in Venezuela will have incredible bearing on the future of Cuba. But Raul must know that just one bullet conveniently inserted into Hugo's brain will have grave consequences for his revolution.


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