Sunday, May 27, 2007

Damage Control

Damage Control

When negative things happen in Cuba like the Belgian tourist recently stabbed to death, the Cuban government immediately goes into damage control. This means no information is given out by the regime as if a crime never happened. Then when the tourist chat boards get the story out the Cuban government employs their agents to go to these chat rooms and confront and insult the chatters to change the subject away from murder.

Go here and read an excellent example of the strategy by one of the more effective Cuban agents named "belen." She, or perhaps he, incites, insults and effectively ends the conversation about the tragic murder of the Belgian tourist and reduces the chat to an insult match. Just follow the thread to see the strategy in action. Then don't waste time with these agents in the future. My cousin Pete Perez should stop responding to the insults with insults. He needs to respond only with questions - if he need respond at all.


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