Sunday, March 04, 2007

Day One Cuba Libre

Day One Cuba Libre

It is really important to describe what Day One Cuba Libre will be like. The first day should be about celebration and not retribution or revenge. Hopefully, once we make it impossible to earn any hard currency then Raul and all the top crooks will take their loot and escape removing the need for the Romanian Treatment. Cubans just wake up one morning to find that the rats have abandoned the sinking ship. Here is what I advocate for day one:

  1. About 600 foreign firms have opened offices in Havana. These will be the best appointed facilities to house the government in transition. Therefore, all foreign personnel currently manning these offices will be deported that day and these offices will be seized as partial compensation to the Cuban people for the use of the transitional government. The government in transition should be a collection of leading dissidents and key exiles that have expertise in economics, construction, law enforcement and other social policy. The make-up of this government in transition should be decided on immediately and I call on my fellow bloggers to compile this list. I believe time is of the essence.
  2. Accept everyone’s resignation from employment with the government of Cuba – EVERYBODY. The police should disarm, lock up the guns and turn over the keys to the transitional government and go on holiday like everyone else.
  3. As ton of goods begin to pour into Cuba, along with tens of thousands of exiles bringing supplies and food and drink, the Cuban people will be able to take this break but also enjoy a fiesta of great food and drink and merriment before they have to get back to work rebuilding Cuba. However, during this celebration the transitional government will be doing the following:
    1. Securing all foreign property and cataloging it
    2. Deporting the foreign personnel
    3. Secure the broadcast facilities then broadcast every second that the government meets and what policy they are enacting
    4. Set a date (with-in 6 months) to hold local, provincial and national elections and the criteria to follow. Again bloggers this is something that must be worked out yesterday so get busy, especially you computer wiz kids who could create a computer PC based election system which we could have ready to import
    5. Officially convert all foreign operations into corporations with the stock in these ventures divided equally among the former Cuban employees
    6. Open an office to register complaints against former regime members for prosecution and nominate then elect judges to rule on these cases. Exile lawyers should already be drawing up this process. Time is of the essence.
    7. Deport all tourists immediately and officially open Cuba for tourist not connected with the former criminal regime.
    8. Open a Title Office to legally give ownership to the poor residents for their living space.
    9. Open a Privatization and Compensation Office to sell off all state owned industries to anyone not connected with the former regime or as compensation for enterprises that were illegally seized by Castro.

  1. Declare a holiday for the foreseeable future and open the beaches and other tourist areas to all Cubans.

Sure there is still plenty more to do but in due time. This is just the first day.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


Anonymous Maria said...

Tomas, I agree with ALL of it. In a perfect world - however, it won't be that easy and that's a shame.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

First you have to dream it. Then believe it. Then make it happen.

4:52 PM  

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