Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Communist Crack

Communist Crack

Sadly, our brothers and sister on the island are hooked on communist crack. This addiction is very similar to a drug addiction. It started 48 years ago when Castro stole everything and used it up. Then he took handouts from the Soviet Union until they collapsed due to this backwards economic policy. So when this happened and Cuba became unglued economically in the early 1990 Castro began making deals with foreign investors and started luring tourists to prop up his dying regime. Now he has swindled the investors, owing billions which they will never see and the regime is beginning to shake down the tourists as well.

But the average Cuban there has been oblivious to the underpinnings of this dinosaur economic policy. All they know is they were promised happiness if they only followed Castro’s orders like a junky looking for happiness from a drug dealer. So they worked very hard in the belief that it would lead to happiness. The majority went right along with Castro while he stole privately managed property and gladly accepted this loot. They helped beat and intimidate anyone who disagreed with Fidel. Many still do this today but for less and less loot. Without privately managed property and industry soon everything was collectively mismanaged and is now in the final stages of destruction.

So now we have 11 million people who have lost all happiness and all hope. Sure they no longer believe that this communist crack will ever lead to happiness. But they are still hooked on the stuff. All they know how to do at this point is beg either to the government, which is a waste of time, or to tourists and overseas relatives for remittances. Admittedly they are slowly starving especially with respect to proper nutrition which is not available eating a sugar cane and bread diet. The revolution cannot even provide toilet paper or sanitary napkins.

Here is what we face. The media will not cover this tragedy for two main reasons. One the majority of the media elite are ignoramuses regarding matters of economics and now that it is very apparent that the economic model which they promoted for so many decades and the tyrant dictator Fidel are based on lies and stupidity. They know they will look just as foolish and cruel as the former promoters of Hitler. The media would rather that Cuba just go away because if the reality every got out the media will never be looked at the same way every again or be trusted. Also, in order to write a story about Cuba they require a source that will go on the record. So if the Cuban source is not willing to speak out openly and get beaten in the street, jailed and tortured then the media has no interest in the story. Mostly this is just the excuse they use to avoid the embarrassment over their former support of the tyrant Fidel. So what do we do to end this nightmare addiction?

Actually, we are well on our way ending this disgrace. The regime is teeter tottering on the edge of economic collapse. No one in their right mind will lend them even one penny. Tourism has dropped drastically thanks to our efforts and the regimes mismanagement that brings additional woos like dengue fever outbreaks that frighten away travelers. So the question is do we help prop up the regime’s addicts with just a little more cash to ease their suffering? Let me put it to you this way. Do we give a crack addict just a little more cocaine to help break their addiction? HELL NO! Now is the time to get off the stuff COLD TURKEY! Please do not send even 5 cents to Cuba especially through remittances because Raul get a fourth right off the top and more when the communist crack addict goes to spend it in Raul’s company store. The Cuban people will become critically hungry and probably Raul will not even give them their daily bread roll soon. But fortunately they will not starve in the next few months because they still have sugar to eat. Of course this cannot go on forever or more and more Cubans WILL begin suffering the long term effects of this diabetes inducing diet. But they won’t starve in the short term. However, this final withdrawal from communist crack pot promises will be painful, but necessary. For many it will be well deserved punishment being foolish enough to follow Fidel’s bloody rule. A junky must go through withdrawal. If we can starve the regime over the next 6 months the people will kill Raul and his crony’s from hunger driven rage. However, the longer we delay this process the more that will die in Cuba and suffer long-term physical damage. Fortunately many things are going our way now. We have convinced tourist that Cuba is not the place to go any longer. This means the few who do go will more and more often be the victims of theft and assaults by desperate and hungry Cubans. These new horror stories will cause an even larger drop in tourism also aided by the coming recession that will cause tourism generally to dry up worldwide. Investment has already stopped now that everyone realizes Castro is a crook. A maximum of six months is all it will take at this rate to drive these bastards from the island maybe less. It is going to be painful I know but it is the only chance we have to save 11 million from a slow death. Already they suffer from the painful privations due to communist crack withdrawal. Do we give them just a little fix of cash to tie them over? Would you give your brother a bit more heroin to stop the shakes and chills because you hate to see him going through withdrawal? No! Hell no! Now is the time to be strong for the communist crack addicts and just say NO! In my communications on the island one Cuban out of the blue says, “You send me $300 right now. I’m hungry. But he will not do anything for that money because this is how he has been raised on this communist crack. Even after I explained that this could cause me great financial trouble and if I didn’t pay my bills I’d be in the street along with my family in a couple of months without a job...but he insisted. I would be useless to help anyone then. But it didn’t seem to bother this selfish communist crack addict who still wanted $300. Well I will not give him 30 cents now. I ask you all to please follow this plan of action to help these addicts because they cannot see any other way then to put their hand out and beg for more communist crack. But the choice is hunger for a few more months and revolt or slow death. Help them make the right choice.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


Anonymous Anonymous said...

F*ck Fidel!

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But that would be necrophilia! Maybe we can get Raul to do it. He'll do anything....

8:34 AM  

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