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Enjoy Your Trip Canadians!

Enjoy Your Trip Canadians!

You all from the Great White North and elsewhere are helping Raul starve his own people for this? At least you are getting what you deserve. Below is how one happy traveler rated things from 1 to 5. By the way 1 is NOT good.

Traveler rating:
Lloyd-Phillips, Southampton Jan 28, 2007

My experience with this property took place in:
January, 2007
Would I recommend this hotel to my best friend? no way!
My ratings for this hotel are:
Value 1.0
Rooms 3.0
Location 2.0
Cleanliness 3.0
Check in / front desk 2.0
Service 3.0
Business service 3.0

I recommend this hotel for:

I do not recommend this hotel for: Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Girlfriend getaway, People with disabilities, Older travelers, Great pool scene, Pet owners, Families with young children, Families with teenagers, Tourists

I selected this hotel because ... Beach / Sun, Great food / Wine
My age: 35-49
Traveling group: Spouse / significant other

My visit was for: Romantic getaway

I am not sure if other people that have written great reviews for this hotel have stayed in cardboard boxes and eaten gruel when they have gone on holiday before but this hotel is terrible. The rooms are kept quite clean but we noticed that even if we left towels on the floor for changing, often they were just picked up, folded and put back up for use. The coffee area looks nice but the coffee is very cheap and bitter (I own a coffee shop so I should know).

The bar is manned by miserable bar attendants that make you feel that it is a chore for them to get you a drink and every time you order a cocktail it is made comepletely differently by each ember of staff. At the beach bar the barman (Amando) would not let me have a bottle of water to take on the beach (so I would not have to keep standing in a long queue) he said 'if I let you have one, everyone will want one' but he was quite happy to let you have one if you gave him a $ tip.
You would waste 15-20 minutes queing for a drink as they would have only 1 person serving but 3-4 staff would be staning around chatting.

The beach is infested by sand fleas (which bite all around your ankles) and me and my wife ended up with over a 100 bites each (we used anti-bug spray as well). The food is disgusting, the buffet is full of badly cooked, barely warm food which is the same every day (I ended up having to make a sandwich every day). There are flys, birds and cats everywhere in the restaurants with flys and birds sitting on the food put out to eat. The a la carte restaurants were rubbish again with tough meat or badly cooked seafood (the lobster is like rubber) and take a magnifying glass to view the tiny portions.
Everytime a member of staff done anything for you, they expected a tip and if you didn't, they would ignore you next time and serve people that did leave tips.

Going back to food in the buffet, breakfast was worst, (we had to laugh), laid out was chips, brussel sprouts, peas, carrots, chick peas, breaded fish and bacon that was as hard as a brick and looked like it had been re-heated 10 times.
They had toasters where you would feed your own bread through that would take 2-3 passes through to get the bread toasted and even then it would only toast one side.

People say 'but it's Cuba, what do you expect' but this is a complete excuse. This hotel was constantly full and must be making a fortune, they could easily buy new toasters, get fresh sea-food and fresh ingredients and have good cooks. They have chosen to save money in every possible way at the expense of the holiday maker. Regarding weddings, it was like a conveyor belt with 2-3 a day and it would be the same old arch way, the same poor old horse and cart, the same band (who sung 'my way - regrets, I've had a few' at every wedding, to me and my wifes amusement) and then they left the people on the beach not knwoing what to do after the 10 minute weddings. Every day you would see a bride with a fag in one hand and a glass of beer in the other hand 30 minutes after the wedding. Not very special in my opinion...
If you haven't booked yet, don't go...

This TripAdvisor Member:
Liked: Nothing
Disliked: Food

There you have it travelers! Oh yes one more thing, The above traveller mentioned he was having a romantic get-away. In Cuba the sex acts could easily end up being video-taped by state security. It's okay I suppose if you've always fantisized about starring in your own porn video. Of course lets hope your dad doesn't see a copy at his next bachelor party.

Tomas Estrada-Palma


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