Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cockroaches, Biting Ants & Flies Oh My!

Cockroaches, Biting Ants & Flies Oh My!

Board Basis:  All Inclusive
Date of Holiday:  Jun 2006
Tour Operator:  Thomas Cook
Submitted By:  Mrs R Williams
Overall Rating:  1/10
Comments:  We recently returned to Cuba 3 times, having stayed in Varadero and Havana previously. We choose Cayo Coco from the brochure and having seen it on Thomas Cook TV being described as a Tropical Paradise and the best hotel in the Cayo's. Unfortunately it did not live up to the descriptions.

The accommodation was poor, room was damp, had giant cockroaches and biting ants. The bed linen left a lot to be desired and was only changed once, the night before we left.

The food was absolutely dire, repetitive, cold and bland. The cold starters, meats cheese etc was not covered and constantly covered in flies. What wasn't eaten the night before was served up for breakfast. There was no fresh produce only tinned fruit and frozen vegetables. The service was very poor, staff were dismissive of requests and on times rude. You had to tip first to receive any kind of quality service instead of tipping for good service. The hygiene of the swimming pool left a lot to be desired. Did not use it once. The resort was absolutely infested with mosquitoes.

We took 3 repellents and had to buy another 7 bottles. You couldn't sit out in the day or evenings to socialise at all as you would be bitten to death. You had to be completed covered in clothing from head to foot all day. The only place you were safe was on the beach. This is not a four star all inclusive resort. We would not recommend this place to anyone. We have stayed in other 4 star and 5 star resorts in Cuba which were absolutely amazing. This one is absolutely appalling. Everyone complained.

The flights were just as bad delayed over 9 hours outward bound and on return journey, Monarch air gave us a free pair of headphones which we had to return as an apology!
Please think twice before you visit this resort, you will be bitterly disappointed. Other parts of Cuba have much, much more to offer and the standard elsewhere is much better as are the staff. You have been warned!

Things don't appear to be getting better for you tourists.

Tomas Estrada-Palma


Blogger Jose Aguirre said...

It appears that the Cuban Tourism Board should use La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha as it's official jingle!

1:41 AM  

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