Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Cuban Holiday Disappointment

More Cuban Holiday Disappointment

Hell Hole
By: Anonymous from Varadero
Date of Visit: June 2006 Add your comments about this review
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To anyone choosing to book a holiday and stay at the SolSirenas think again I have never stayed in such a disgusting filthy hotel as this one with VERY unfriendly staff most of what is advertised we never even came across it eg. diving lessons where they were we still do not no. One pool looks as if it was having work done when that was due to start we dont no either. Rooms are terrible and smell and the lifts are so unrelialble it is safer to use the stairs incase you get stuck as I cannot imagine anyone rushing to get you out. I can only say if you are unfortunate to stay at this hell hole then only eat at the chinese restaraunt as its the only one on the complex that cooks properly. I could write a book on this what should of been holiday of a lifetime ive had better hols at one hundred pounds to this all I can say was that we were glad to get back home. And I thought I may just add the pool is in a disgusting filthy state that needs a scouring pad all apound the tide marks of the pool it was disgusting.

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Cuban Dissapointment
By: racecarace / racecarace from Edmonton, Alberta
Date of Visit: February 2005 Add your comments about this review
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This is a bad hotel. It's sad that somehow this terrible hotel was built in such a beautiful area. You have some of the nicest beaches in the world surrounding this poorly build and poorly managed hotel. If you want a decent vacation and you've already booked here: camp out on the beach because if your anywhere near the hotel you're sure to have a crummy time. From the un-helpful staff who wouldn't let us change rooms even with bugs crawling out of the cracks in the floor. To the food which seemed to be cycled between the two buffets. This hotel is falling apart and not a vaction worth taking.
Months later, after complaining the hotel offered us two free nights if we ever stayed there again. Air transat hasn't been any much help either.

It wasn't much of a vacation and I don't want anyone else getting shammed like I did.
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Well Cubanos - we tried to warn them but they thought we were just being mean.

Tomas Estrada-Palma


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