Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thomas Cook Really Does Suck

Thomas Cook Really Does Suck

The more I look into Manny's company the more I realize that under his stewardship the entire service really sucks! It's all about the profit margin, right Manny? It's cosmetic. You show a bunch of smiling natives ready to serve your customers' every need for almost nothing. How DO you do it Manny?

I'll tell you how. He and Raul Castro have a scheme where Manny brings in tourists for incredibly low prices then Raul shakes them down for as much as he can. But Raul's fifty cents a day slaves are revolting against the tourists who occupy their land by tampering with the food and drink. Now I find out Manny is shaving amenities on the front end by cramming customers into their poorly supplied planes and charging extra for virtually everything. Look here and you will find that even if the tourist enjoyed their trip - they sure hated flying on Manny's planes.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


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