Friday, February 23, 2007

Call Me

Call Me

I see Thomas Cook keeps coming back to read this blog. You should contact me personally. You should have no fear to do this. However, you should fear continuing to do business with Castro. The civil war has begun and we intend on advising the Cuban people to continue to spike tourists' food and drink until no one in their right mind would travel to Cuba no matter how good the travel package. Since you have been put on notice that the Cuban people will revolt against your customers for forcing them to work for 50 cents per day, you will be liable for damages.

Your corporation has done a very bad thing but I am a believer in redemption. Let me show you how you can turn a very bad situation for your corporation into a positive one. Corporate credibility, accountability and good public relations are the life's blood of a service such as yours. You do not realize it yet but we know these are the last days of a dying regime. Do you intend on taking your corporation down along with Fidel, Raul and the other tyrants? My email address is and you should contact me as soon as possible. We can do this very discreetly so it appears that you just want to do the right thing now and are not simply bowing to pressure. Think how it will look if you are the first corporation to pull out of Cuba right now. Think how it will look if you are still there when we kick the tyrants from power. There are many things going on in Cuba right now that you are not privy to so you might want to get all the facts before proceeding any further. But please, for the sake of your customer's health and well being - do not book even one more trip to Cuba. In a civil war people die. Wouldn't it be better to forgo a bit of profit right now in lieu of tremendous profits operating in a legitimate way in the very near future? It is your call - I'm waiting on the other end of the line for you to do the right thing. If you help us we will help you. But if you continue to help the Castro boys enslave the Cuban people your corporation will soon not be worth dirt. Every day that you delay doing the right thing your bill escalates.

Tomás Estrada-Palma


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Jose Aguirre said...

Way to go Tomas! Thomas Cook doesn't even have to give up any profits, just book their customers to the many other wonderful resorts in the free countries all around Cuba.

I hope all the slaves in Cuba's hotels start developing ways to make the unwelcomed exploiting tourists miserable while in Cuba! Your blog is a great help in this cause!

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what it's all about mi amigo!

4:02 PM  
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